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Pool Table Light Shades Replacement

This is an excellent opportunity to buy a new Light Shades set, you will desire the new color and the style. This is an industrial style green flat pendant Light shade 2 14 x 14 metal porcelain, it imparts a beautiful green color and is 14" l x 14" it is excellent for a dark room or the new addition to a home.

Pool Table Light Replacement Parts

This product is a Replacement part for the pool table, it will fit for both men and women. This part is produced of hard anodized metal and will give your pool Table a modern look, our pool Table Light Replacement Shades are beneficial for any of your pool Table games. From green, white, yellow, black, or brown, we have a top shade for your pool Table game, our Replacement Light shade is lightweight and facile to move around, so you can keep your pool Table clean and organized. Our pool Table lights are made of plastic and have different shade options available, the green Light shade is a valuable way for suitors who yearn to match their pool Table with the istas or to replace the standard pool light. Another splendid surrogate is to purchase the Light shade and add your own text or design, our Light shade options are moment-to-moment so you can find an outstanding Light shade for your home, business or home office. Our pool Table Light shade is a first-rate Replacement for your favorite color, the plastic color is straightforward to clean, and it offers a modern look. The Light shade can be easily customized to your style, making your pool Table more stylish.