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Pool Table Rail Bolts

This is an exceptional set of Rail Bolts for any pool Table that needs to be mounted with metal mounting bolts, this set can hold a lot of weight, so it's best-in-class for admirers with a large pool table.

Pool Table Rail Bolts Ebay

This pool Table set is fantastic for individuals who desire to station their Bolts coin operated pool tables in a hurry! In addition to that, these Bolts can also be placed in place of a normal Rail on a standard pool Table and be as correct as any other brand or type of bolt, are you searching for a new pool Table Rail bolt? If so, we have what you need! Our pool Table Rail Bolts are quality and work great! You will find 6 for 1 price - new our valley pool Table Rail Bolts for your next order! A pool Table Rail bolton screws are specifically designed to protect your pool Table from damage. They are also designed to be use with a standard pool table, the Bolts are provided with each of the covers. These Bolts will also work with those without a pool table, the cover and screws are peerless alternative to make sure the bolt head is used on your pool table. This is a fantastic opportunity to have some quality Rail Bolts in a beautiful brass head located at an old-fashioned pool, the pool is in excellent condition and will be a+ when you take it down.