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Pool Table Leveling Shims

Pool Table Leveling Shims are fantastic for Leveling your pool table, these small wood wedges are first-rate for Leveling your pool Table by the shim. The 12 Shims in this set will level your pool Table by an exceptional amount of space, so you can get a peerless level for your pool table.

Leveling Pool Tables

This is an 12 pc Table that includes a wood wedged shim and a door pool Table shim, the Table is designed to level when you are pooling or Leveling your pool. This Table is fabricated to level your pool when you are pooling or Leveling it, so you can avoid any damage to the pool Table itself, the Table is produced to be leveled with no pain. This pool Table is 12 pc so there are three levels available, the levels are 12, 15 16 and 34 the 12 levels have an 30-degree wood wedge and an 13-in-1 door. The 15 levels have a more even wood wedged and an 15-in-1 door, finally, the 34 l level grants a more even wood wedged and an 34-in-1 door. Pool Table slate Leveling kit is designed to help ensure a level pool Table by Leveling the edges of the pool Table frame, the kit includes 2 blue wax plus 16 wedges and 16 shims. Get the most out of your pool Table by Leveling up your leg shims, this set of four leg Shims is for use with pool Table types and by shaping the pool Table leg from top to bottom they help create a level pool Table base. This set of 8 pool Table leg shim's is top for Leveling your table, they are 18 thick and will level your Table out of the surrogate when you're working on the top side.