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Poker Bumper Pool Table

This is a beautiful Poker Table that extends an 3 in 1 finish, it renders a bumpers on each side and a dining Table joined by the pool table. This Table is a2 tight and may be used for bonuses: - 350 pairs of pool balls - 30 rows of tables - 3 dining tables - a bumpers on each side - 2 place mats.

Bumper Pool Table 3 In 1

This pool Table is a first-rate addition to it is straightforward to handle with a basic game playing area and a Bumper cover to keep your pool clean, it renders an 3 in 1 finish which includes a cigarettes and coffee finish, making it enticing for any drinking game need. The Table is conjointly straightforward to care for with an and the Poker and pool Table combination is a beneficial alternative to add a touch of fun and excitement to your dining room or home zone, with three chairs in one category, it allows for a more comfortable gaming experience. The other two chairs in the set provide plenty of space to work with, its black surface is in good condition with no excessive wear. The are in good condition with no excessive wear, the table's surface is in good condition with no excessive wear. The package includes the following: 1 Poker table, 1 pool table, 1 chair, and 1 laptop bag, this 3 in 1 pool Table and Poker Table combination is a splendid addition to room. With its stylish pool Table vibe, this Table is splendid for any gambling-friendly area, the build-in Poker chair is exceptional for helping to relax after a long day of work. Plus, the pool Table is just right for bringing out the gaming in your room, or just using it as a place to play games with friends, this is a top value for a pool table. It comes with two chairs and a Poker table, it can be converted into a game of Poker or slide games with the addition of chairs and a Poker table.