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K55 Pool Table Cushions

Looking for a new and improved pool table? Don't look anywhere than the k-55 rail cushion rubber 9 - K55 rubber for 9 pool Table rail replacement! This valuable product add some extra comfort to your pool Table experience by compatible with 9 pool Table rail.

K-55 Rail Cushion Rubber 8' - K55 Rubber for 8' Pool Table Rail Replacement

K-55 Rail Cushion Rubber 8'

By Industry standard


30 year Pool Table Cushion Rail Rubber  K 55  Billiard Bumpers 48 inch.

30 year Pool Table Cushion

By Bank Shot Billiards


K55 Pool Table Rails

This is an exceptional pool Table rail Cushions for the entry-level gamer or the new gamer in the house, the rubber bumpers help to prevent scratches and secretary keystrokes. The K55 pool Table Cushions are top-grade substitute to protect your pool Table from damage, this set of six rubber cushion coverings is fantastic for protecting your Table from your feet to the ground. This is an excellent quality Table that is only $7, 000! It comes with 7-8 ft, single individual rail, making it a top value. This pool Table is valuable for someone that wants to relax and enjoy their swimming pool, the new k-55 pool Table Cushions are some of the most advanced and innovative in terms of design and construction. Featuring a hardwood surface with soft anime foam underlay, the Table is age is designed to provide top grade comfort and support, the design with its adjustable height and depth, as well as the included cloth edge protectors and drink holder are just a few of the features that make this pool Table so special.